Saturday 10 January 2015

A quick PAD for today

I'm going to keep todays post short since I've spent most of my day actually doing my PAD.

It comes from this PIN on my Drawplus board (it's Tootsie and Buddy's board but they let me post stuff on it, I'll create my own when I get around to it ;) )

I got a late Christmas present which arrived today - A graphics tablet....

I'm not going to include details about what it make/model it is because I don't have affiliate's and as a new blogger, I'd rather folk didn't think I do. I might in the future (for the sake of keeping it real) but it's not something I'm ready for. If you are interested in what it is you can leave a comment for me. But I love it already and I only have the basics of.

Obviously I wanted to play straight away and the first thing that came to mind was a teddy, so I found a silhouette and started outlining. I couldn't get the sleek lines  I was after but I kept reminding myself that I've never done this before and tried my best to be patient with myself.

Then I discovered brushes...yes, even that is new to me. So far my digiscrap experience has been limited to using elements I've collected from other designers, but I want to grow. The "Teddy filler" brush in my package was perfect but I struggled with the thread colours changing because of the thread texture (does that make sense to you?)  which is why the colours look a bit wiggy.

I'm really useless with the colour sliders so I like to use different sources to make use of my colour picker-so I went to my Pinterest page for inspiration (As one does, right?) and there it was.

Would you believe that I used this pallet for the threads? 

So there you go:) My PAD for today and my first ever digital drawing.
I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.

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