Sunday 20 January 2013

How long can one small cupboard entertain 3 small(ish) children?

I know everyone in England is posting about snow...but I'll leave that one for another day. The day after my last post, I decided to get into the kitchen and try to restore some order. I got all of my bits out...bleach, marigolds, a dish brush and some steel wool and a microfibre cloth. I also opened the "plastic" cupboard for Master and Princess.

No, I hadn't thought that through and even yesterday I found a lid in the toy box attatched to a pair of toy handcuffs. But I got the dishes washed, dried and put away, and most of our tins are now housed in one cupboard.

The night before, a box of formula fell off the pantry shelf and most of the box ended up on a cookie tray that was lying on the floor (couldnt have planned it better myself) and before I got around to cleaning it up, Master Polkadot got hold of it, so I left him with it...

Master Polkadot "Drawing" in the formula powder
I should have thrown it out ages ago, as it's left over from Masters bottle drinking days and Princess never bothered with it.

I wont bore you with all the self explanatory commentary, but I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Doctor got home from school and they were still at it, so he joined them.

Im working on some binders to help me become more efficient as a home maker, in the hopes that I will find some time for myself.I hope you'll look out for them.

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  1. they certainly looked like they were having fun, its always the simple things that kids like. x