Thursday 31 January 2013

Doctor Polkadot's Perfect Attendance award

On Monday, The Doctor arrived home lugging this HUGE art set. I'm very grateful that his taxi driver takes a huge interest in his life, as she made sure to establish what it was about. He had been called up on stage during assembly, to accept a prize for perfect attendance for the second term in a row. He was so pleased and couldn't wait to have a look inside.

Of course you caught the bit about his taxi driver, so you're wondering how this is a big deal? Im going to tell you.But before I do, Im going to add a spoiler alert of sorts...I'm about to talk about my illness. Now I know that it's been said that you want to hear about me-not how my illness affects me. The thing is, my illness kinda is me.It affects me every day, and by the end of this post you'll see how it affects all of the residents here at Polkadot Palace.

The Doctor is in year two now, and he started at this school in the last term of year one. We were worried, because when we moved into the area, this school was not on our list of preferences. We'd never heard of it.
He started reception in another borough, two weeks after The Master was born. At the time we lived barely half a mile away from school, but it was up a very steep hill and although it had a bus running-we could never get on it as it was always too full to get the buggy on. I couldnt knock it down on my own because i have cerebral palsy, and so most days we sat and waited for another, and another, until eventually we were late and I had to take him in via the office to sign a red card.

A number of times I tried to walk the hill and it always ended in an ambulance having to come and get me because I had collapsed. The short of it was that after liaising with my local councelor, an MP, and various bigwigs at TFL,I still could get help getting on the bus so I gave up and got my drivers licence and traded my mobility component of my DLA for a Motability car.

Whilst trying to use TFL, we took a lot of abuse from both drivers and passengers. Once, a little old lady left bruises on his arm when she grabbed him and told him he shouldnt be here because "disabled people like your mummy shouldnt be allowed to have children". When we had days like this, he refused to get on the bus and so he missed school. He also missed school when I couldnt walk.

So when we moved to the new school and it was about two miles away from home-I was concerned. Not so much as before, because now I drive. But about planning my time and all that went with getting him in and out with two babies. From the start, the school was brilliant. I was told straight away that I could park in the teachers car park-and so I left the babies in the car to walk him to class and pick him up. Only a few weeks in, I was told that because of the distance I was told that we could apply for school transport. A few weeks after that, he was collected by a taxi for the first time-and since then, he hasn't missed a single day.

And that is why it was a huge deal.

Just as an extra, Ive not been able to sleep tonight, so I laminated his certificate and made him a book to add all of his certificates and bits to....

I really am loving my binder.

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