Tuesday 2 April 2013

The Easter post...Home made chocolate becomes Home made memories.

I dont have an excuse. Im useless. But I will get better, I promise. I dont remember if I mentioned surgery before, but that's mostly where Ive been. Most of the rest of the time, you might have found me in the kitchen.

Last year, I had a go at making easter eggs. The result? Epic fail! I used chocolate that contained vegetable fat, and my thermometer was SO not fit for purpose. So this year I decided to try again. I have a Makro card and they do 2.5kg's of Callebaut for around £14. So I picked up a few bags of that. I had heard good things about Lakelands Thermospatula and as it was on offer for around £10, I thought Id give it ago.

The research I did this year put me in mind to use the microwave and the seeding method. It seemed like the best option for me timewise with 6 little legs running about. I could probably do another post to include a step by step of sorts, but I dont want to stray too far tonight.

In my haste to see the kids faces, I must confess I didnt take any really decent photo's...so here is a quicky that I took with my moble. I used a plastic jelly mould for these two:

Now at this point, I must tell you how easter works in our house. The Doctor is the only kid who really "gets" what it is about. And although both The Master and the Princess have experienced Easter, they have not really participated. Because of this, in previous years we were able to get away with a few eggs tucked behind the curtains.

So this year when I started making chocolates, The Doctor asked if they were all for us and how it worked and who is the Easter Bunny...(he was okay with the Easter story on his own...just didnt get the bunny.) I explained that the bunny visits on Saturday night, to create the easter egg hunt. Because he has to think so hard about where to hide them and what clues to leave, we do not hold him responsible for supplying them. So Mum and Dad supply them and the Easter Bunny hides them. Curiousity satisfied.

We had a lovely day on Sunday. They woke up to three little boxes with some little chicks and masks, with some instructions regarding the days activities.They had 3 hunts. The first when they woke up, the bunny had littered the floor in the house and the garden with packets of Haribo's for a start-so off out in the garden they went in their pj's and mismatched slippers.

Later in the morning, when they had tired of counting Haribo's-I started them on the puzzle hunt. I printed two copies of this Easter story from iMom. I cut out the pictures on one and placed them in plastic eggs, which the Easter Bunny hid. It was a hit with The Master, and he impressed me with how quickly he was able to match the pieces. Once he found where it needed to be, I let him stick it down with some blu-tac. Once we had all the pieces, we sat down together and read the story.

After Dinner, we set them off on the "Big" hunt, which involved solving the clues hidden inside the plastic eggs. The Doctor did most of the work with the help of Lordbob. And they were over the moon when they found the basket (One of Mummy's very big plastic mixing bowls) filled with their choccies and wrapped in cellophane. Each one took a turn to drag it around the kitchen in an overenthusiastic attempt to find an implement that would help them break into their treasure box.
The Doctor was especially pleased to discover a Dalek just for him, and The Master was super thrilled with his "Dinohaur", and The Princess's face was a perfect fit into bunnies bum;)

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