Saturday 9 March 2013

On the road to recovery

I know, so soon into my "recreation" and I disappeared. Im sorry, but I do have a sick note Miss.
I had my gallbladder removed. I have suffered with gallstones since I was pregnant with MasterPolkadot.
Because I was pregnant for more time than not after that, the doctors kept telling me it was indigestion and sending me home.
After Princess was born, I started getting more intense attacks more often. It finally came to a head last month when I started showing signs of infection and so to cut a (very) long story short, I was admitted to hospital and FINALLY got into theatre and had it taken out.

Whilst I was in, Lordbob did a fabulous job back at the palace, and Princess is now sleeping in her cot upstairs, and through the night. I am struggling a bit because the two of us were sleeping in the lounge and she was breastfeeding on demand. Now she seems to wander over once or twice during the day and give me a little poke...but I think she knows she's only doing it for me.

Master is being particularly cute over my incisions. He insists on having a plaster for his tummy every time he sees me change the dressings-followed by a huge ceremony of "betters kisses", an inquiry into the necessity of summoning a doctor and an explanation of why the doctor did this to mummy to help her get better.

And then there's the Doctor, as usual-he wants to know how the stones got there in the first place. To help him understand, we're going to make some sugar crystals this week end. Do you remember the ones you did at school where you made up a sugar syrup, then hung a piece of string from a pencil over the glass.
He's also being very cool about his first "date". He has made friends with a girl in his class, who is having her birthday this month. When asked what she wanted to do, she said she would like the Doctor to go bowling with her-just him, and a meal after.

I have decided that now that I am well again, I want to make a proper effort to make more cakes.
Last weekend I made a rainbow cake. I didnt cover it as I was rather sore by the time Id got through cooking 6 different cakes, so I took a photo of just a slice...

And I took some photo's of the princess "helping me". I gave her a bucket with some flour in it....

Im thinking of making a small cake for the Doctor to give to his little friend when they go bowling.

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